About me

The time I’ve started cooking is when I was studying in Germany as an exchange student.

I was interested in cooking since my childhood.
I love watching and helping my mom’s cooking.
But she didn’t allowed me to cook using stoves.

My first cooking was just pasta and salad.
The quality was much lower than current level.
But I kept cooking in my free time.

Open Facebook page

I’ve not cooking for long since I’ve started working as self-employed business owner.
But in COVID situation I could have chance to restart cooking.

To record my cooking memo I’ve opened facebook page named “คนญี่ปุ่นทำอาหาร 日本人が料理をします“.

Serving sweets at Koto

It’s new challenge for me to start making sweets since my partner opened Japanese tea shop, Koto Tea Space.

Something introducing Japan in context of Thailand.
In Thailand there are a lot of potential about fruits.

Makanai (staff meal) is also my favorite time.
Eating together makes me feel closing to people.

What I want to do through the website

Everyone can eat tasty and fulfilled meal everyday.
More people cook with care and heart.
World is peaceful with happiness of good eating.

Learn basic Japanese home cooking

Umami 101

Make tasty warabi mochi

Warabi Mochi Master Class

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