Japanese cooking class & workshop - Umami 101

Japanese style home cooking
Easy to cook, Tasty and Healthy

The key element is utilizing “umami”.

-Learn basic knowledge of Japanese home cooking
-Know how to cook healthy meals
-Beginner can cook (no advance skill is required)

Contents of Umami 101

-Points to cook healthy and tasty foods
-Basic knowledge of Umami
-Demonstration of making Japanese style dinner (一汁三菜 ichiju sansai)
-Taste meals

Food menu

-Rice (Japanese rice cooked with clay pot)
-Miso soup (made of katsuo and kombu dashi)
-Steamed mushroom
-Grilled fish (Buri teriyaki)
-Salad (Sesame dressing, shio koji egg, mentaiko poteto salad, corn, lettuce)

*Menu can be changed depending of the situation.

Past events

Umami 101 (2023.08.16)...
Umami 101 (2023.07.12)...
Umami 101 (2023.06.14)...
Umami 101 (2023.04.19)...

Learn basic Japanese home cooking

Umami 101

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